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I am a Mexican entrepreneur and I started working on GO GABA, since 2008. Initial commercialization of my soft drink in Mexico and later in The Netherlands, allowed me to conduct research and obtain startup funding. Through BBVA (Investment Bank), we established a cooperation with The Coca-Cola Company in order to leverage capabilities and access to market.


 We signed a legally binding agreement in December 17’ and I was assigned a team of Coca Cola’s Mexican Team executives to progress the initial positive momentum further. Following a friendly and prosperous start, a few months later, The Coca Cola Company asked me to sign a new contractual agreement, thereby eliminating a previously agreed non-competition clause that included all its affiliates and related parties. I kindly denied, without intending to compromise on the opportunities ahead.


Several weeks later, The Coca Cola Company, launched Fanta GABA in Japan, against our agreement and the acquired non-competition obligations for any GABA containing beverage, without my knowledge or involvement. To this day, my attempts to achieve a re-conciliation in order to get my business back have been without progress. A criminal complaint for corporate fraud and theft of industrial property was filed in September 18’. I now know from my own experience how time consuming and exhausting fighting for your rights against a global corporation can be.


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José Antonio del Valle



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